All the Buildings in Sydney

All the Buildings in Sydney is a personal project of illustrator James Gulliver Hancock. An ambitious side project documenting the city he grew up in.

All the Buildings in Sydney is a love letter to James Gulliver Hancock’s hometown of Sydney, Australia, told through his unique and charming cityscape drawings that pay tribute to Sydney’s diverse architectural styles. James’s buildings are colourful and chock full of fun and offbeat details, yet they still capture the technical elements and the essence of the architecture that makes Sydney such a beautiful city.

Through his delightful illustrations James encourages readers to explore the city with him, to take a step back from the everyday, to pause and take notice of the little details. Take in the buildings, the people, the atmosphere and you may discover an indelible, invigorating relationship with the city that you never noticed.

All the Buildings in Sydney features not only Sydney icons, such as the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, but also the everyday buildings that give Sydney its character: the terrace houses in Paddington, the bungalows by the beaches and the incredible sandstone buildings from Sydney’s past.

The project is summarised in the hardcover book ‘All the Buildings in Sydney’ published by Hardie Grant.

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